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01-29-2013, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
No one said it would miraculously help a team score three goals. Hockey is a game of energy and flow. When a team is flat, as we have been for about 15 straight periods, some physical play , team togetherness, and a fight can wake the team up. Very few teams lay down like we do when we are getting pummeled on the scoreboard. I still believe in the old hockey saying, if you can't beat them, beat them up. And live to play another day. Our flat play is becoming the norm.

And as I'm typing this, they just showed the example of how the Lecavallier fight against philly SPARKED the team to a victory.

What is 'waking up' a team? So far as I'm concerned whenever I'm a part of a team, someone getting physical doesn't change the way I play if we're playing ****** as a team. Communication, hard work, and committing to a system is what turns poor play around. And momentum, of course. And naturally, if you just flat out suck, none of that matters.

An enforcer effects the momentum aspect. If your game isn't a competitive game, momentum wont do ****. George Parros can go beat up another team's enforcer and put on a fighting spectacle, but unless there's hard work, communication, and a team committing to a system, it wont do a thing. Right now, this team is an utter mess. Someone dropping the gloves just makes it more of a mess.

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