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01-29-2013, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Pittsburgh1776 View Post
This team is ridiculous. Glass, Vitale, Neal, Geno had passion for the most part. Where is the heart? Where is ****ing leadership? Sidney Crosby is a joke of a captain. People praise his work ethic and example, only pay no attention to ****ing LEADING. Get in the teamís face. Show ****ing courage and passion. Heís another Lemieux, everyone has to cater to Crosby or heís done. When things are going awesome, he looks tremendous and leadership is not needed. What about bad times? Totally invisible. He quit on Therrien when Malkin was ****ing pissed and LED them to victory over Tampa. Malkin showed passion and anger this game and always has. He wonít quit. Glass wonít quit, or Vitale or Neal. They have PRIDE.
I know you're mad right now but Sid doesn't get paid to hit and fight. I'll agree that he's looked lazy out there but so has the players who's job it is to "set the tone" or "lay the big hit".

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