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01-29-2013, 10:07 PM
David McConnor
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Blues Shot Differential is Off the Charts

I was skeptical of St. Louis being a contender this season because last season they relied too much on their goaltending. Namely, Brian Elliott gave them a half season's worth of a .940 svp and there's no way that was sustainable going into this season.

Yet the Blues have picked up right where they left off with a 5-1 start, but how they've done it is a complete reversal from how they won last year. Their goaltending svp is 7th worst in the league so far (it was 1st last year), but unlike last year they are completely dominating the play between the goalies (and behind the net).

Through 6 games their shot differential is +13.7 per game. To give you an idea of how incredible that is, Ottawa is second at +5.8, Phoenix third at +5.7, and Carolina fourth at +5.4. Last year's leader was Pittsburgh at +6.5, and San Jose before that at +5.6.

No doubt that 13.7 will come down, but it's still an impressive display of dominance in the early season. How are they doing it?

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