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12-15-2003, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I know that things must be hunky-dory in Toronto, however you want to mindlessly troll, that is your buisness. You want to get on the Ragners for being pathetic loosers? That is your business as well. However, when you start in on the Yankees, you are showing you incredible ignorance. You call them a "possible wild-card winner"? How about possible World Series champs? Seems to me that a team that lost in game 6 is entitled to at least that. A team that has represented the American League in the majority of World Series games in the last 8 years deserves some respect.
I forgot, refresh my memory please. How many times did the Bluejays win the Series and when was the last time? Not that they are within sniffing distance of it this year either.
Oh, and when was the last time that the 'Leafs won the Cup? Were you alive? My memory has trouble going back so many years.

Damn right bro!
I mean the Yankees have had to singlehandely carry New York the last few years. New York demands succes and we canīt say that the Rangers,Knicks,Jets nor Giants have been giving us much of that so were does that leave us?
With the Yankees and what have they done?
Responded every time and this year will be no different we might not win the World Series but we are damn right gonna be there and fight for it and If our starting pitching avoids injuries and if Conterars lives up to his potenial we got the best starting pitching,offence and bullpen in the American League and Iīm telling you right now if we make another World Series we wonīt lose that one...

Go Yanks give New York one more year!

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