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01-29-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
There's some resentment there for sure. No way they'd react this way about any other player.

I'm still baffled by how big of a story they're making this. You'd think he was stashing dead bodies in his locker.
I think the fact it's PK does make it a bigger thing, but I don't think they resent him. I think they're just fed up of hearing about PK all the time. I don't think they blame the kid for it, I think they're more fed up with the media about it.

There isn't one teammate that said anything bad about PK. But it can't be a good feeling to have journalist come in daily to ask about a player that isn't there. I know I'd get fed up. Not sure why this is turning into such a huge thing. I mean really, this quest for Drama in Mtl never ends.
It happens to everybody in life. Ever had a day where you get asked the same thing over and over again?? By the end of the day, you look completely uninterested and annoyed to talk about it. Doesn't mean you hate the subject (wtv that may be), you're just fed up to talk about it.

Players will welcome PK and things will be great. Mtl media is simply doing what it does best, look for stories where there isn't one.

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