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01-29-2013, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Gorges, Therrien, Markov...none of them seemed pleased about Subban finally signing (better to have the truth vs fake cliches, but surprised at the responses in the dressing room...doom and gloom). Makes me really think the players were hoping Subban would get traded. Maybe it's just true...many Hab players don't like Subban and some of us don't want to face the truth...hard to deny it now but seems too obvious Subban is not liked by his teammates (too loud? needs too much attention? very cocky? very arrogant? fights with teammates? cocky/unfriendly with staff? too colorful - no pun intended, very this, very, me, me...starting to believe that some of the rumors are not just rumors since it's always the same player that is part of these rumors... but I'm still a huge Subban fan - the dman - ...I love the way he plays defense and the way he skates and always knows how to avoid a bodycheck - iron man - while protecting the puck...great for the PP, PK, 5 on 5...he has ultra skills/ is the limit). I felt that many of the rumors are true just by seeing how Subban's teammates never ever defend him on the ice...even when 2-3 players are attacking Hab player ever defends Subban...must be a reason (no matter...I don't like to see this...teammates abandoning another teammate...maybe it has something to do with practice fights and how Subbie goes all out with bodychecks during practice? one reason out of so many... I really hope all of this gets sorted out 'cause we need much hatred for this kid it's it all about being humble and much more?).

I've got to admit...when I saw Subban on ''The Hour''...I felt that he was a huge bragger, was very very cocky/arrogant/fresh (not humble at all)...unlike his shy, more humble younger brother who also came on the show. But...maybe Subban just has a lot of personality (he does seem to love life and appreciate everything and that's great) and maybe it just appears like he's cocky...I don't know but I know this...I love Subban the dman. I can't imagine Subban wearing another jersey.

I really hope Hab players find a way to all get along...'cause Subban wants a Cup and can definitely help our Habs get that Cup.
Very possible that you're right about Subban, and about us fans wanting to believe everyone in the locker room loves each other, when they really don't. PK may very well be the egocentric kid the other guys quietly resent.

If that's the case, it's the job of the coach to keep him in line and the team captain to guide him. I know guys like PK -- very talented, but everything is about them. The good news is that with time they do mature.

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