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01-29-2013, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
Well whoever discussed it clearly doesn't know the rules. He can't pull a Schultz.

Schultz found a "loophole" if you want to call it that because since he didn't play in college the first year after being drafted, after 4 years he was able to become a free agent as only a junior.

You have 4 years since being drafted as long as you are in college and so Johns can only become a free agent after his senior year and certain period of time has passed where the Blackhawks can't sign him. Then he can become a free agent but that doesn't happen very often. You really only need to worry about it if Johns stays for his senior year but I suspect that the Hawks will do everything in their power to sign him this offseason. No situation exactly like Schultz's is possible though anyways.
do we know if this is the story under the new CBA? I remember reading that they're were going to do something to close the gap on people being able to become a free agent by just not signing - but don't know what happened.

does anyone have any real info on why he hasn't signed yet - i.e. is it a situation where he's not inclined to leave Notre Dame if it's to ride the bus in the AHL? it a situation where the Hawks themselves has decided he's better off in NCAA? it a situation (i'd think unlikely) that they're not sure if they want to sign him.

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