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01-29-2013, 10:31 PM
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I don't believe in all this media crap about the team not welcoming PK back. We didn't hear about Cole getting criticized. We didn't hear about Gorges getting a slap on the wrist for calling out the NHL. We didn't hear anyone telling Prust to shut the **** up when he was bad mouthing Bettman. And now, I'm supposed to believe that the Habs aren't happy with PK because he wanted to negotiate his contract? Bull. ****ing. ****.

I'm sure the team would have been glad to have PK around. However, I think the team is more exasperated about constantly being asked about PK for the past two ****ing weeks. Imagine this: you could be asked any questions, expectations for upcoming game/season, comments about teammates performances, comments about goal or discussing the loss. But no, **** all of that, instead the reporters ask about PK every day. I'm sure the team is just fed up of the media. And that's what is showing. They already didn't want to talk about PK's negotiations, keep it out of the locker room. But journalists just keep asking about it and making it a distraction.

How to dig for **** where there isn't any.

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