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06-29-2006, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jiggyman
What's Pitkanen's contract status anyway? If Pitkanen = God like your saying, why exactly would he sign for 2-3 mill for the next 4 years? You can go on all day about "what ifs", but the fact is, he's an offensive defenseman who has a career high of 46 points. I know this is "Hockey's Future", but Pronger is much better defenseman than Pitkanen right now, and more than likely the remainder of his contract.

I just don't see these two teams dealing, from a Philly point of view, the upgrade isn't significant enough for Carter + to be thrown in. But would Philly be a better team right now and for the next few years? You bet they would.
Ok, I have no problem answering any of the questions.

He's an RFA, his rookie contract just ended. He's not in the position to demand a big contract at this point because he's an RFA and wasn't healthy all of last year. If he was healthy and posted 70 points (likely) then he would've been able to command more as an RFA.

He's an offensive defenseman who has two seasons in the NHL. One as a 20 year old rookie and one as a 22 year old where he scored 46 points in 58 games. It's not excuses, that's his NHL career so far. If you can't understand that then I don't know what to say, he's much better then a 46 point defenseman.

Pronger is better now. Will he be better in 2, 3, 4 years? Who knows. Pronger will also make 4 million more and retire at the end of 4 years, Pitkanen will be 26-27.

Pitkanen + 4 mil>>Pronger, the upgrade doesn't exist at all. Adding Carter and then more is insane. Lowe would jump on a deal for Pitkanen straight up, Clarke would have to be insane to make such a deal. And no, they wouldn't be a better team because they can take that 4 mil and give it to a high caliber UFA and that UFA + Pitkanen is bette then Pronger.

Welcome to the capped environment, that's how it works when up against the cap.

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