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01-29-2013, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by halligan10 View Post
I think if he would of meant "Sources" he would of said something like "Selon mes contacts"...hey you may be right but I took it more like if this was from is own informations that he found this week. But I hope he is right!
Well, he has to get his info somehwere, that's why I used "sources" (and because saying "according to my informations" seems awkward to me). Lebrun is a respected journalist, if he says he doesn't think Jamison will close this week it is because he has info making him believe he won't. He didn't make a prediction, he just said he didn't think he would close. He remained non-comital which is what a good journalist should do when not 100% sure.

Right or not, I respect reporters like Lebrun. They don't throw **** at the wall hoping some sticks.

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