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06-30-2006, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by melubsdonna
For the next 4 years, I dont beleive Pitkianan can carry your team every game the way Pronger can. Pronger is better rounded and can play all 3 zones collectively better than Pitkanen. A player like Pitkanen can not propell a team to the stanley cup finals like Pronger can. However, Pitkanen is young and very cost effect. Pronger can do all these things that Pitkanen cant mostly because of experience. I dont think Pitkanen will be a better player than Pronger ever. But thats just my opinion. If Clarke feels he wants to take a run for the cup within the next 4 years, he is going to have to aquire a pronger type player... and yes.... Pitkanen + will have to go the other way... In the future, this trade may help the oilers more... but sometiems you want to win now... and you have to give up youth to upgrade. Who knows what clarke is thinking... but he has shown he will go out and get players... im sure he values his youngins tremendously.... i doubt a deal will go down beacuse of this... you guys will be a fantastic team in a few years.....
Again, I don't agree. If the Flyers trade Pitkanen straight up for Pronger, that isn't the entire impact on the Flyers. That's 4 million of extra cap space he's taking up, is he that much better? Would you rather have Pitkanen and McKee or Pronger? Pitkanen and Kaberle or Pronger? Pitkanen and Savard or Pronger? That's the point. Personally I'd rather have the Pitkanen combo's without much doubt.

Here's the thing, you don't need a top 3 NHL defenseman to win a Stanley Cup (and that isn't to say Joni won't be one within the next 3 years, again I don't think Edmonton fans have seen very much of him based on this thread). Pitkanen is and will be good enough to be the #1 defenseman on a cup winning team. He's not going to carry a team like Pronger is, but we already have a guy that can carry a team in the playoffs with some decent parts around him.

If Clarke feels he wants to win in the next 4 years, he needs to get a bit more mobile on the backline, add a top 6 forward via UFA or trade, and hope that his team stays healthy. He does not need to go and trade Pitkanen for Pronger.

And we can be a fantastic team next year with some minor tweeks, this is a team that is in it and capable of winning now.

I'm very excited to see what Pronger is dealt for, something tells me there won't be a Joni Pitkanen caliber player anywhere close to the deal.

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