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01-29-2013, 11:12 PM
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I'm sure you could find tons of guy's who played in the NHL that are better golfers than Deion was at baseball or Jordan with baseball. Same with lacrosse. The guy who was mentioned earlier in this thread has a pretty insane resume that honestly could probably stack up against anybody's.

In terms of being a physical specimen? Not even close tho. You don't need elite athletic ability to play in the NHL. Wayne.G is the best hockey player of all time in most people's eyes and look at him .. you're average joe could probably beat him in a race or jump higher

NBA/NFL just have those crazy athlete's. Guy's who are simply on another planet. Has the NHL even had a player that you could compare to a Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant? Randy Moss? I don't think so. Chara is an extremely strong guy but has nowhere near the mobility of a McGee or Dwight Howard who are bigger. In terms of speed, quickness, vertical, strength, size etc. NHL player don't stack up. Probably because they use sticks and skates ... really that's the great thing about hockey. Don't need to be 6+ feet and have crazy genetic gifts.

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