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01-30-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
Name a comparable athlete.

He's a combination that I've never before seen in sports. Guys have been as skilled, but they didn't have his physical gifts. And the guys who come close physically speaking haven't been as skilled. He handles the ball like a skilled point guard, but he's 6'8, 250 and can jump out of the gym and run the court with anyone.

Bo Jackson had a pure speed and strength combo that we've never seen. He was the fastest guy on the field, yet at the same time one of the strongest. That's the definition of amazing physical talent. But even he didn't have LeBron's height/length and skill level IMO.

I'm impartial. James has never played for my favorite team or even against them in any significance. I don't love him and I don't hate him. But I do marvel at his God given ability.
I don't know, Usain Bolt? Michael Phelps? Going pound for pound maybe Bruce Lee?

That's not really the point though. Keep in mind that hockey is the only professional sport I really follow, one where athleticism doesn't get brought up that often. While the more a player has the better, this really isn't the deciding factor in what makes a professional hockey player. 'Athleticism' is basically measured at every draft combine, and while the top athlete always gets a star by his name guys like Patrick Kane still go first overall.

But anyways, there's basically three things I know about Lebron James. 1, the SNAFU in him leaving Cleveland, 2, he finally won his first championship last year, and 3, he has this amazing legendary god-like athleticism. I mean the other two you couldn't help but overhear in sporting news, but in any online forum all I ever seem to hear is people raving about his athleticism athleticism athleticism!!!

I know he's the top basketball player right now but as an outside observer it always makes me think of Martin Skoula's amazing puck poise.

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