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01-29-2013, 11:45 PM
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Wow, lots of tea leaves flying around. Now we need someone who can read them.

Bettman flying to Glendale?

An announcement imminent?

If both of those are true, then I think we have one of two scenarios about to play out.

1. Deal completed, big announcement, joy in Coyoteville.
2. Deal not completed, Jamison and Bettman make a show of requesting more time, putting the ball in Glendale's court.

I seriously doubt that Jamison and/or the NHL will just announce that they can't complete the purchase. If JIG is short, then it will be orchestrated so that it will look like Glendale refusing to extend the deadline, even though Jamison and the NHL are confident that they could complete a sale if given a bit more time.

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