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Originally Posted by Bananas View Post
Easy. He stopped for the Olympics and he decided not to resume after. Perhaps he was starting to suffer some of the negative effects of steroids and he decided it wasn't worth it any more. He does have the contract after all.

I'm obviously not saying this is definitely true. It just seems to be an increasingly valid explanation for his decline.

If it is in fact true, however, I'm sure Ovie is just as shocked as we are by how far it has made him fall. In fact, I think it could be contributing to his apparent lack of desire these days. The guy is probably pretty crestfallen by all this. He took out an advance on his talents and now he's paying back far more than he bargained for.
The contract shouldn't have influenced him to stop. If he was using drugs, he was doing so to be the best player in the world, not to make money or gain job security. That's what drives him; that's why he flew right over when the CBA deal was reached, rather than contemplate staying in the KHL. That's also why he wouldn't have let himself fall the way he has if such a simple fix as resuming the doping he had so easily gotten away with were available. I think he has glaring mental weaknesses and he doesn't know how to approach them in a mature way so as to address their effect on him. He's in a serious and deep psychological funk, probably compounded by being in sub-ideal physical shape (which he lacks the motivation to get into). It's a long way from that kind of thing for someone who lacks the mental maturity and probably intelligence to realize and combat his condition.

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