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01-30-2013, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Firing Lavi right now is probably a knee jerk move. We have several key injuries. At least a quarter, maybe a third, of our roster are either sophomores going through that famous slump or rookies. Lots of new faces and new lines with zero training camp or preseason.

On top of that, as has been mentioned, if we fire Lavi and hire or promote someone it's not like they'll turn it around overnight. They'll need time to implement their systems, and time is something we simply don't have this year. Firing Lavi won't make Coburn, Voracek, Giroux, etc. instantly stop sucking.

The same goes for trades. What's the point? We can't afford to make trades. We traded a lot of established guys for potential. Giving up on them because they didn't hit their full potential in under 100 games seems like a waste to me. Who can we get who will definitely improve the team and be a sure upgrade over the pieces traded away?

Replacing the coach is a better solution than trading a bunch of guys. However, I don't know that this shortened season is the proper time to do it. The same flaws are present, but there are a LOT of other factors going on here as well.
i agree on some points, but the injuries sustained are not an excuse to STILL look completely disinterested and unprepared to play hockey. Potential has nothing to do with that. There's no system being implemented, it's chaos out there. No one can complete a pass, no one can accept a pass, there's no movement through the neutral zone whatever, everyone looks like they're skating in sand and the decision making is absolutely atrocious at best. that's not a product of injury, because the team was dreadful with hartnell and meszaros too.

i was watching the islanders penguins game earlier between periods, and I'm thinking "wow, the islanders look like '08 red wings compared to us right now". there's guys flying through the neutral zone, making crisp passes, KNOWING where each other are on the ice and looking like they're having fun while doing it.

we look like an AHL team that was promoted to the NHL for a season right now, besides Bryz and Luke Schenn.

the play that Giroux has been giving us is really beginning to alarm me as well. he's shown none of what made him a superstar last season. i've seen NONE of that. he looks like a different player entirely out there.

something is wrong with this team, and if they don't fix it, the only thing they'll be playing for is a lottery pick, and i wouldn't be so irritated with them if they were showing the heart and the fire to compete. i've seen none whatsoever, besides a tiny bit in the game against an equally struggling rags team last week.

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