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01-30-2013, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
Because I just don't believe in the mentality that players in the room don't like him. If he was such a cancer to the team and everyone hated him. I strongly doubt Bergevin would have signed him. You could argue that it's none of his business. He should only keep the talent and the team should deal with it. But distractions aren't welcome to any team trying to perform. If he keeps rotten apples in the team, that's his responsibility as well.

If he was really disliked this much, he wouldn't have been signed. Even more so if this feeling is as old as previous seasons. Players have been traded away for less drama than we currently have.

Yes, it's normal for the media to ask about Subban. But the team gets asked about him before and after, games and practices. Everyday, you'd get multiple articles about this. At least one article a day per company is published. Now if you keep going to the same star players on the team over and over, yea, they'll get annoyed. Sure, I bet they would have preferred to have him around since the very beginning. But I just don't buy that players are still bitter about the negotiations rather than still being asked to comment on the situation. Otherwise, with this kind of behavior we would have heard a lot more commotion from players during the lockout.

These aren't adolescents. They know how the business is run. They have to go through with it as well. In some cases it's easier to sign than others.

You want to buy into this media crap about players being bitter about Subban? Go ahead. But you're just feeding fuel to the fire by believing it. I chose not to trust the media in this case. You kind of learn not to after years of them spewing all sorts of garbage to try and make us believe in. Especially when it involves the Habs.

It's not to say I mistrust all reporters. There are some I'll take more seriously. But I won't always buy into it if I feel it's bat **** crazy.
To be honest when i seen Markov tell that reporter "i am not going to talk about that, i will only answer questions regarding tonights game or tomorrows game" i was relieved. This isn't the Subban show, and furthermore it's important that they divert these distractions in a diplomatic way like Markov did. The focus is the game they are playing, that should be their only focus. Seeing Markov be that tenacious made me proud of him it's clear he has something to prove for this team.

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