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01-30-2013, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by SwissFreakinWatch View Post
I've never fired a gun before but I would definitely like to learn.
Ugh.. I don't know why but that just triggered crazy recall from several past winters when we would go up to my buddies cabin in the middle of the woods near Stowe in Vermont with his dad and uncle and "rough it" for a week. We split wood every day for a wood burning stove that heated the cabin, his dad and uncle were big on hunting, so we ate what they caught, mostly and, the highlight and reason the memory, is we would shoot their arsenal of guns into targets we'd fix on trees off the porch. Such a blast. I don't know why shooting is so thrilling. The big guns are fun, but I love shooting a pistol as well. I think everyone (who is sane and fairly self controlled) should go to a shooting range at least once. It's kind of liberating.

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