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01-30-2013, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Until you can prove Gauthier was the driving force behind ANY of Gaineys moves I can't take them into account. Gainey had the last word and the fault lies with him ultimately. I don't see anyone laying blame for Kaberle or Bourque on PG's head of pro scouting so why all of a sudden is this special set of rules being used?

If you want to discuss the moves made during PG's tenure as GM so be it even though I have went over them ad nauseum.

I know the faithful are ever so desperate to explain Gaineys utter failure away on the nearest scapegoat but I don't buy it.
Well there you have it, I think you unintentionally gave an answer for your Gauthier support.

BTW Gauthier was BOTH GM and head of Pro Scouting during his GM tenure so yes, he gets full credit for Bourque and Kaberle. He also gets credit on helping to find Gorges. How is it 'common sense' to think the Gauthier wouldn't done his job and was involved in Gainey's decisions when he was holding Assistant GM and Head of Pro Scouting positions? I think it's silly to think Dudley has no say/influence in Bergevin's tenure so far for example. The blame still lies on Gainey for pulling the trigger on the moves during his tenure but you still can't absolve the guy who helped load the gun. Gainey resigning and passing his 'work' over to his right hand man was lateral move from the start. How many other GM hiring have you witnessed where former GM is at the press conference pumping the successor's tires sitting right beside him?

That ultimately wasn't a move in a new direction. There was very little difference in both GMs tenure. If you actually went through the transaction history you'd see that the Habs haven't really had a good GM in decades. Lateral and minimal improvements are so rare that even they are regarded as something to praise.

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