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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
No, he was not. Gretzky won scoring titles by as much as 69%. Lemieux won by a maximum of 18%.

Adjusted stats are skewed by rule changes, ice time, powerplay time and other era factors. Level of dominance over peers is a constant. Gretzky dominated the NHL to a much greater extent than Lemieux ever did. Not close at all, really.
I agree that Gretzky had higher peak. I also agree that it is pretty clear he had higher peak. But I disagree with the statement that peak Mario was nowhere close Gretzky in terms of dominance. He's peak was shorter and not as high as Gretzky's but it was in the same ballpark.

Level of dominance over peer's should also be noted in the strength of competition. Lemieux's finishes would look much more dominant without Jagr and Gretzky. Still i think Gretzky was better and he is pretty clearly ahead of Mario but on their best games Mario was the only forward comparable to Gretzky.

I don't see how that is not true.

If we take a look of the best PPG season's since both of these guys came to the league first 12 of those are Mario/Wayne season's. Wayne having twice as many top 12 seasons as Lemieux and 1st and 2nd spot. Lemieux has 3rd and 5th spot. The difference between 1st and 3rd spot is 0.1 PPG which is pretty small. Granted Gretzky had more games played. But the thing is, only competition Gretzky ever had for the best forward is by Lemieux. And whatever some try to say to me, the competition was there and it was real.

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