Thread: Post-Game Talk: Boston 2 - Devils 1 (SO)
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01-30-2013, 01:13 AM
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By far the best game the Devils have played this season. My only complaints would be Josefson and Clarkie on the shootout, both were extremely predictable and Rask didn't bite at all against them. And maybe Tallinder could have closed the gap on Krejci, but that just happens from time to time. PP was starting to look decent tonight too, considering how well Boston's PK has been.

Originally Posted by kiwidevil View Post
What are everyone's opinions on Anderson? What are his strengths and weakness's?
Just finished watching the game; I thought Anderson played well tonight. He had a very nice deflection that went just wide and a few more slight chances. I didn't really notice him out there on the whole though, which is fine. If we didn't have the Carter/Gionta/Bernier line (who are ideally the 4th) I wouldn't be opposed to him being a regular on the 4th based on this game/being on the 4th until we get some better depth. I think he needs to be more physical for his role though.

That could just be from the fact that it's his first game as a call-up, but I think he's earned another game on the 4th line.

TL;DR - Alright offensively, decent defensively, needs to be more physical.

Edit - Forgot to mention, but Moose playing the puck tonight was terrifying. I hope he doesn't play out that much regularly this season or my heart may give out before season's end.

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