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01-30-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
I find the whole situation odd.

Gorges and Markov knew that Subban was here to stay when they signed their multi-year deals with the Habs, so it's not like they were blindsided by the fact Subban was going to be their teammate.

I can understand them not wanting to take sides while PK was unsigned but you'd think they would show some sign or acknowledgement or something after he was signed. Same thing when Gomez was sent home, Gionta said something but that was about it.
Gorges and Markov are respected veterans. Markov means far more to this team's winning and losing than PK (stats back that up). Because of injuries he wasn't in the lineup and PK got tons of ice time.... good for him... I think with Markov's return we can see what a true #1 D looks like once he's matured. PK will eventually be that guy, but he's only been in the league 2 years.

Gorges played on a brutal contract when he first came here. Did his time and was rewarded. He bleeds for his teammates every night, without fanfare.

These 2 are our leaders on the blueline. I think the team is trying to regain a bit more respect in the room. Young players need to know they're role. PK, in saying publicly that he wanted to be paid what he's worth, essentially disrespected his teammates. Markov is the #1 (no doubt about that) and PK says publicly that he should be paid as a #1 (not in so many words, but implied). Gorges is an ultimate team guy and was active in CBA process. By holding out PK put himself not only ahead of his team, but also ahead of all his NHLPA peers. RFA's have little leverage in contract negotiations, this is an integral part of the CBA and is a large part of the reason that UFA's have far greater rights. Holdouts used to be common place, hardly ever happens now.

I think they're all very happy to have someone of his skill rejoin the team. Everyone is well aware of his potential. I think their just setting the stage to send PK a message that he's still not a veteran and needs to have his defaults set to receive instead of constantly being on send. That's what non veterans do.

I hope he can figure that out.

The first thing I'd like to see disappear is that low 5 celebration. It's great to have enthusiasm, but lets try to act like you've won a game before.

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