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01-30-2013, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by SunshineRays View Post
Did they say that in context to a Luongo trade, or just in general?
I still maintain (purely based on my own speculation) that Luongo will only waive for FLA at this stage. I can't imagine him willingly wanting to go to Toronto. Perhaps this is why Gillis asked for some absurd price from Burke (Gardiner, their 5th overall pick, and whatever else) knowing that Burke would tell him to **** off. I mean, Gillis knows Burke. He knows Burke will either yap to the media or leak it that Luongo refused a trade - if he agreed to Gillis demands only to be rebuffed by Luongo Gillis keep the price sky high and makes sure no one know Luongo will only waive for FLA. Gillis knows that if it gets out that Luongo will only go to FLA then Tallon has him by the balls.

I think Tallon should do it and will do it. He will thrive in FLA. I think Stephen Weiss and a 2nd rate prospect will get it done. Will FLA do that? I bet the fanbase says no.

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