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01-30-2013, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by BertCorbeau View Post
Just got home, holy hell it's hot in my house

Tough game, this team was young and fast with some solid skill .. Beforehand, because of our teams struggles we abandoned the run and gun style (because our goalie this year isn't the superstar that our goalie the previous few years was) and went with the trap style game

I also got bumped up to forward to shake things up, which is fine .. I hate playing defense when you're losing persistently, I like to try and get my scoring touch back .. We got down 3-0 halfway through the game despite us skating hard with them and arguably getting better chances to score (their goalie was on fire) .. My line finally got one though, and it turned our way .. I scored our second goal on a nice, easy dangle on their goalie .. And we eventually took the lead with a couple minutes left in the game 4-3 .. And with 1.4 seconds left they tied it! Bah!

Ah well .. I played a great two way game, prevented some good odd man rushes and made some good plays.. Ended up with a goal and an apple, had a few other chances and almost made a beauty saucer pass to set one up but it bounced funny.

I miss scoring goals
Sounds kind of familiar But this time it was the leafs who had the luck

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