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01-30-2013, 01:32 AM
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Watching Alex Galchenyuk play, its becoming obvious that it was a mistake by Phil Housley to turn Galchenyuk into a winger and for the first two games Michel Therrien almost followed that mistake. Happily Therrien seems to be able to quickly adapt and make changes that are for the better for the team when its needed. Under center Galchenyuk has truly blossumed into a dynamic playmaking forward that makes plays. This is what I envision a franchise centerman can do for their club.

There is an intresting dilemma now brewing and Galchenyuk will probably end up in the center of the storm. I'm of course talking about David Desharnais. Some of you are supporters for him and after last season, he deserves to keep his starting center job for the top line. Therrien does have the time to wait and see how the first line will progress offensively especially with Plekanec's and Galchenyuk's line producing points each game, there isn't a desperate rush to make drastic changes to the first line.

But we can already see Therrien is thinking down the line if he can't get the top line scoring, he is exploring his options and we saw that with the Jets game when he paired Erik Cole with Galchenyuk several times and it quickly became apparent that Galchenyuk if he is centering the line can form an easy chemistry with anyone he lines up with. Cole picked up his first goal in the game with Galchenyuk and Gallagher getting assists.

Does this mean we will see more Cole pairings with Galchenyuk, I think so, but Therrien is going to try to stay with Desharnais with Cole for as long as possible. That line may not get as many minutes as their used too, because in the Jets game, Galchenyuk started making appearances on the PP lines and that will take time away from Desharnais. But I don't think Therrien will force the issue until Max Pacioretty comes back from his surgery. Then things are going to come to head and a descision will have to be made.

If the Desharnais, Cole and Pacioretty line is still struggling to score, then I do see some changes coming. For some who think Cole should be playing with Galchenyuk and Gallagher, that may happen. But I have a feeling Therrien will move Galchenyuk up to the top line and shift Desharnais down to the third. When and I think it will be when, this happens, then this team will become Galchenyuk's team because he will be paired with the two best scoring wingers on the team. And when both Cole and Pacioretty are clicking, our top line is one of the better ones in the league.

One last thought about the Jets game. When Galchenyuk was paired with Cole and Erik scored his first goal of the season, did any of you notice Galchenyuk crashing the net and attacking the puck with Cole? Desharnais doesn't do this, when you have two forwards crashing the net like Gally and Cole did, they created mayhem and got a goal out of it. That's something that Galchenyuk brings that I feel gets overlooked. His drive and hunger to make things happen, makes Galchenyuk hungry to go into the dirty areas and for me that is a good sign in a centerman especially in a franchise player.

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