Thread: Post Game Talk: Boston 2 - Devils 1 (SO)
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01-30-2013, 01:39 AM
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No way, Moose is staying right here. Having such a good reliable back up to our old starter is very valuable, plus we wouldn't of given him two years if we planned to ship him out. Guy just bought a house in Jersey I think.

I know we all talk about how CBGB needs to go back to being our 4th line, and I agree but they did have a rather solid game tonight. They got hemmed in once I recall, but overall they were forechecking and cycling and putting some good pressure on the Bruins, created a few chances too. Always amazes me watching Gio being able to play as hard as he does around the monsters Boston sends out there. They are a huge team.

Also after spending like what, 5 pages trying to figure out whether JJ is good or not. Let us change the subject and talk about someone I think we can all agree had an excellent night. Damn did Clarkson look good. Felt like everytime he was out there, especially in the 2nd. Played tough like always but he looked really good on the puck and was creating chances.

I am really starting to buy that Clarkson has arrived and last season was not a fluke. Something that is great news for us.

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