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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
Write a book

The Cabin
by MPF.

"A Melancholy and nostalgic tale of the trips to the Cabin."
Writing a book or two is absolutely near the top of my bucket list. In high school I wanted to major in English, become an English teacher/professor and hopefully get published and that would be that. I did major in English at first, but the way that English majors study literature was ruining the entire allure of writing and reading for me in the first place so I directionlessly tried my hand at several other majors before just graduating with whatever the last thing I'd declared as the field of study on my degree. Something like the book you proposed is actually genuinely an idea I've kicked around from time to time, but nerdishly enough, my intention was always for my first book to be my own, fully realized fantasy novel or series, along the lines of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc.

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