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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Kohklachev would rather be in KHL but Boston forced him to Windsor. I know some ugly behind the scene stuff about the OHL team owners, all I will say is they are trouble makers and schemers. I imagine this happens regularly, like why does Gavrus come back to OS?
I'm not saying what Boston does is good or clever, but they are not actually forcing him. Kohklachev could just give the NHL the cold shoulder, whether he wants to play there (as soon as possible) is up to him - his free choice. Once he has made that decision in favour of the NHL he is not free anymore to choose the path (he wants: KHL -> NHL, Boston wants: CHL -> NHL). Which is a shame, but he is not "forced" to play in Windsor in the categorical sense of the word, only in a conditional sense: IF he wants to play in the NHL (as soon as possible), he has to...

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