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Penalty: a) Booted
---------b) Subject to whatever contracts the CPU offers during said block
Note: When a team is booted, it relinquishes all offers of said team
Note: If still in good standing with the league, we will invite you right back for the next block.

Before we advance past Free Agency we will be checking players with offers. All teams are to abide by this rule because we will add the Asking Price of all players a GM sent offers to.
If that amount exceeds that teams current cap space, you will be booted, regardless of the amount offered. We can only track by asking price. THINK before you OFFER

Rule: No players can be offered a 1 year contract deals.
Penalty: a) You will be forced to put that player on waivers
---------b) Restricted from next year 1st day of Free Agency
Note: There are no exceptions

Rule: If you leave the league on your own will to relinquish your offers, you will not be let back in. THINK before you OFFER

Reminder: Newly acquired players CANNOT be traded for an entire season.
They can be subject to waivers, however, none of your 10 most expensive contracts be stored in the minors

You are more than welcome to throw an offer at another team's RFA. It's their responsibility to have signed them during the adequate time they had during Re-Sign periods.

In all fairness to the team with the RFA's right; you will also be allowed adequate time to Match the offer. Instead of holding up everyone we will allow you one entire block at the start of the next season to match. This won't be reflected by EA in game, so we will have you send a trade for said player in exchange for the compensation picks, if matched.

Rule: the GM with RFA rights, are to report to a commissioner when they've made their decision to match an offer or not.
Penalty: lose your player and your compensatory pick
Note: if a GM matches an RFA offer from another team, alert the other party, a comissioner, and post the RFA match confirmation in the ROSTER THREAD

one last thing THINK before you OFFER

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