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01-30-2013, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Canuckaholic19 View Post
Not an expert by any means, but my doctor told me otherwise. I may be off on the details exactly, what I have is a wheat sensitivity and and I was meant to stay of Brewers yeast (I don't). I was told German beer was better, not perfect but better. Maybe its not the exact same as gluten but i figured the two may have been comparable.
Well I am no gluten expert, but I am a home brewer. German beer is often equaled to lager and that is a rather light beer when it comes to malt (always exceptions) compared to many ale types. This is actually a question of yeast in the end as the yeast is what divides ale and lager into two main categories of beer with many subcategories each.

So my guess is that your doctor said something which in itself isn't true but the result of the advice is still often right.

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