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01-30-2013, 03:08 AM
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ZOM Goodness that was quite a game for a boring Tuesday night! Just watched the replay and man alive in the 2nd the Wings got truckin. From there on out is was a glorious exhibition of Red Wings hustle, strength, and most of all intelligence. 1 word could sum up the 3rd, SWAGGA, baby! From Datsyuk to our rookies it feels like DRW hockey and that is extremely positive.

As usual our big forwards have been big. I'm fascinated as to what edge makes the top players in the NHL produce. They are just a fraction above their peers in determination is how it looks. This is a freakish season and I could imagine Miller or Cleary ending up with 0 points. Does it matter if our 3rd and 4th lines don't score? No one is going to care as long as there are wins.

5 cyborg The Fading Captains could not analyze what the heck is going on every shift, every few seconds. Back and forth possession, drop passes, blocks, scrambles, scrums, stick battles... you get what I'm trying to say. It's impossible to judge a player on one shift let alone one game. For example, B. Smith falls, makes an error, but then next instant pulls some sick deke to a rocket 2 line pass...he's getting it done! The pace is so furious, the players from the 1940's would drop dead if they could witness the speed of today's professional ice hockey. So many mistakes, like giveaways, but then a recovery and the puck is out the zone. Back and forth it's a warzone and it proves our team as of right now are some damn good hockey players. You play with courage, weather the storm, and may be emerge victorious.

Dallas wasn't terrible. They tried to fight through the entire game but Detroit slowly ground them down. As all NHL teams are gelling I'm that much more excited to check other teams in the West and see how the Wings stack up. Win or lose we are going to see some intense games. I think we're in for a much better contest at home against the Blues than game 1!

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