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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
I mostly agree. Therrien's goal is to win as many games as possible. He'll have to make line switches during games to play those who are hot, and bench those who are cold. Tonight, Therrien did that by putting Nuke with Cole. I guess you could argue he wanted a preview of the two together. But Therrien most certainly put them together in order to win the game.

You're right that if things don't progress with DeHorny. Nuke could be a replacement for him. There is a rush to fix the first line. Yes, the team is winning so it does alleviate the situation. But you'll always be better off knowing your top two lines are productive. Because eventually, the Gals line will slow down. And you can't rely on one line for too long, we've seen that too much last season. So yes, I think Therrien is trying to find solutions fast for DeHorny and Cole together. Or he'll start thinking of line changes. It may not be desperate need as you say, but it needs to be fixed asap.
Fixing the top line may require having Max Pacioretty back, we really won't know if the top line will need to be fixed until he returns. Although to your point you are correct that waiting potentially 4 weeks, which could be as many as 16 games may be too long. Fixing the top line may become a priority as you stated in your post.

So I guess we will have to see if David Desharnais can show signs he is over his slow start. If he has problems creating chemistry with Erik Cole who was a big part of last season's success for the top line. Then I guess the question will be, is Desharnais right for the top line if he is having problems with just having half his wingers with him and may give credence to people saying Desharnais can only be effective if he has two big guys as his wingers.

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