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Originally Posted by Bananas View Post
So doping can make you hit more home runs, run faster, bike faster, jump higher, lift more weight etc, but it doesn't effect any hockey related skills? OK pal, who's really full of crap?
i think its fair to say that ovechkin isnt whiffing and shanking one timers because he stopped juicing. barry bonds may have hit more home runs because he was on the stuff but the stuff would have had no value if bonds couldnt already hit. a more powerful swing and a miss is still a swing and a miss. the hand eye coordination doesnt improve.

so...can ov shoot harder on the stuff? yes. does not being on the stuff make him fall down? no. does it make him whiff a one timer? no. does it make his stick handling fail? no.

ov is slower than he used to be. that might be because he's not juicing and doesnt have the leg stride he used to. but he's also heavier, not lighter. his explosion has slipped with the added weight. the weight is from too much vodka and food and too little fitness, not too little ped....imo

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