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01-30-2013, 08:03 AM
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Even if the Flyers HAD kept the likes of Carle and Jagr (who would have been overpayed) would the team really be a Stanley Cup competitor? They couldn't get out of the second round last year, they probably wouldn't again this year.

The team is stuck in a bad position - they aren't good enough to win the Cup, and not really bad enough to warrant a full makeover ot get a top 5 pick. The offense should be fine in time, but the defense? In the long run, we don't have any prospects, and in order to trade for a Pronger-esque player, we'd have to forfeit our forwards or future, assuming someone would be willing to part with a #1 d-man, which is unlikely.

Holmgren did what he could in the offseason - he made all the right offers, the players just went elsewhere.

If the team fires Lavi, unless they bring in a Hitchcock-like defense first coach who forces the whole team to buy into a defensive concept, who would make this team a Cup contender?

I say play out the season and see who is available in the offseason before canning the coach.

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