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01-30-2013, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Langway View Post
Then why would he have stopped altogether to begin with?
If roid talk makes anyone uncomfortable, don't read this.

But that's an easy one.

Olympic testing. Negative publicity. Fear of suspension. Requests from within / team image. Already paid. Fears the NHL may start actually testing in light of it all. Sack shrunk. Yep, a team doctor getting arrested.

There is the awkward timing of the Nagel unpleasantness coinciding with the young guns general collapse. And the teams. Almost to the month.

Can I ask why in the world would he continue in the face of allegations against HIS team?

When players add 20+ pounds in a very short time, it's a story. Unless its one you don't want to hear. We heard nothing about anyone becoming a gym rat. Nothing. No discussions. Yet Flash added 8 pounds chasing trains across Europe and it was talked about here for some time.

Its all wild speculation of course, but PEDs are all over sports and everyone knows it.

I am Dr Hand and think everyone is doping. It takes swallowing the pill of being fooled for 10 years a lot easier. I don't give a rats ass if players do or not but we won't be fooled again.

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