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01-30-2013, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Victory5 View Post
.....are caused by not playing together, or at all for a while.

This team has been guilty of all of the following

-bad decisions with the puck
-bad turnovers
-running into eachother ie players dont know where to go
-no creativity
-no confidence in their play

Ive played hockey for over a decade and to be honest, watching the flyers play feels like going to the first practice of the season. youre out there for the first time, everyone is a little unsure and people make bad mistakes. I'm sure anyone who has played the game understands this.

How do you fix it? Practice, and thats really the only way. There is no reason a team with this much talent should be playing this poorly. Lavy needs to get these guys going hard in practice, or else were going to keep losing.
I'll add soft on pucks and sloppy passing to your list.

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