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01-30-2013, 07:29 AM
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The problem with saying "we need a goon for when we play physical teams like Boston" is two fold. First off, it means we deny a roster spot to a talent player in favour of a knuckle dragger who is severely limited in the ice time he can carry. And secondly it doesn't provide that much protection, because once one of the Bruins neutralizes our big guy and forces him to take a five minute time out the Bruins can still ice an entire line of thugs.

The thing with the Bruins is that they are built to play that gritty, beat-em-up and knock their teeth out style game. Sure they have players who are less skilled and more goonish - Thornton, Cambell and McQuaid. But they also have skilled guys who are just as physical - Lucic is a legitimate second line winger in the league, and Chara is a perennial Norris candidate. Almost everyone on that roster is willing to fight.

And there's nothing we can do about it. Frankly there's nothing we should do about it. When the Habs play the Bruins you can tell how the game is going to go by how our players react to the Bruins. If we try and prove ourselves by playing their game we get beat. If we play our game - relying on skill and drive and letting them take stupid penalties - we win.

Let's face it - there's no one in the league right now who can go out and beat Chara one on one. There's only a handful that can trade with a guy like Lucic. So why even engage in that kind of foolishness. Let them take a penalty and our PP be our revenge.

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