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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
I don't think anybody was speaking this way last season before Sid came back. Everyone seemed pretty happy with the state of the team at that point.

My point is that even the team held to the highest modern standard of quality had a similar underwhelming 3 year playoff run to the Pens when it was in its prime, had no cap to deal with, and the best coach of all-time behind the bench.

We are playing bad hockey so far this season. I don't expect it to continue for long, and I believe we'll right the ship with Bylsma at the helm.
I don't think anyone was expecting to see the mess of things that developed quickly starting a few games after Sid came back. It did happen. Bylsma didn't correct it. And, if you look at that run starting the last quarter or last season, the general trend line clearly points down.

Compare Bylsma's press conference yesterday to some of Therrien's from January 2009. The tone smacks of resignation and desperation and loss.

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
I understand the point completely. My point is that we're 6 games into a season where so far Suter is a worse defenseman than Martin, the Isles are a better team than the Flyers, and Marleau is the best player in the league.

What is now shall not forever be. People seem to find a way to forget this every year - it is especially relevant in a season like this that had so little prep time.
And our point is that this isn't a 6 game phenomenon. That's the only difference between Therrien's last 25 games as HC and Bylsma's last 25. Strike that: Therrien also had a ******** team in his last 25 (he'd have killed to have what Bylsma has to work with . . . Satan, Sykora, Dupuis, and Feds for the top six, no Gonchar or Whitney . . . ouch).

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