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01-30-2013, 07:40 AM
The Kid
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Look, I've bled black and gold for 34 of my 34 years on this planet. The constant Orr talk is absurd in these Lucic vs ??? threads, and the notion that Lucic has to destroy everyone he drops with is childish. Has the guy not proven himself as an elite power forward in this league? Has he not fought just about everyone at any given time? He is going against people that are some of the best in the world at their craft, why does he have to decimate them to prove something? It isn't always about "winning" so much as it is being accountable or sparking your team, or setting a tone. It is like Lucic fans, of which I am a HUGE ONE, are secretly afraid to admit that the guy is not superhuman. He lost to Orr, kinda badly as well. If he wants to trade with him again, fine, but in the right spot and at the right time. Lucic is not an enforcer. He is too valuable to this team to be fighting all the time in this shortened season.

As for this fight, it comes back to Lucic not having to "win" everything. Gleason is a big dude, and handled Lucic just fine. Lucic held his own as well. He doesn't have to lay waste, and isn't going to lay waste, to everyone he fights. I'd rather have him score 30 goals than beat up Orr five times in a row.

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