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Originally Posted by TheSniper26 View Post
I don't think I'm buying this idea that our roster is just too top heavy offensively to compete. I mean sure, I'd love to add another top 6 winger and I think they'll ultimately have to at some point. But that isn't the problem we're seeing right now. Let's not forget that this is, more or less, the same group of forwards that scored more goals than any other group in the league last season. And that was with Crosby out most of the year.

What we're seeing now is a team that is pretty clearly disinterested. No trade is going to fix that. It's either going to take a monumental effort on the players' part to just get past their frustrations or it's going to take a coaching change(whether Bylsma actually deserves it or not). But I fear we're going to be saying "It's still early" until it's too late and another year of Sid/Geno's prime will slip away.
I want you to think back 4 years. Remember the game the Pens were playing against Tampa. Everyone thought Therrien was on the ropes. Then, Geno sticks the money on the board between periods and goes out and claims it. I thought 'That's the night Geno saved Therrien's job'. If you think about it, go back to last year. The captain article came out. Pens win a nice one in FLA. Then, TB, they go up 3-0 and surrender the lead in 5 minutes in the 3rd. Geno does it again and just went on that unreal month and a half or so tear.

The monumental efforts definitely COULD happen, definitely with Sid and Geno. But, in the end, their only effect is to delay the inevitable.

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