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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
glad to see the ov talk is where it is. i had suggested last season that the caps needed to think about trading him. the answer was a resounding no. that leonsis would never do it because of the revenue 8 brings in.

see it now. ov is not going to be bringing in revenue playing like this. skating with beagle and crabb will only add to last year's benching with a lead from hunter as a constant drumbeat distraction from the media.

its pretty obvious to me that the team is competitive. as they get used to the way oates wants them to play, they improve. they lost in ottawa in a game good teams lose. one bad play followed by one bad ref call on the road followed by a bad bounce on the penalty kill. if they win in toronto, its no big deal.

btw....not to go unnoticed is that backstrom only has 2 assists both in one game. so he has been shutout in more games than has ovechkin.

i dont think ovechkin is interested anymore.

oh and contracts based on performance??? remember the lockout? the nhlpa would NEVER sign up for that.


In football, they call it the AGS rule....

Simply: on any given Sunday, any professional team is capable of beating another.

That's the nature of the professional athlete.

Hockey is no different. So yes, we'll compete, and we will win our fair share of games.

But the very good teams play 60 minutes: they put out the effort, even when it's game 63 in places like Edmonton at what is midnight to them.

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