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Originally Posted by Phion Keneuf View Post
I have a question.
You know how Universities take your top 6 grade 12 marks and average them out? What if I have 8 courses and 2 of them are 60's. will that affect my chances of getting accepted?

Right now I already have 5 marks completed. 92, 88, 84, 65, 65.

Next semester I have religion, Food and nutrition, and calculus. All that I plan on getting 85+ (I guarantee it )

So I'd have an 86-87ish average for my top 6, but id have two crappy 60's (bio and physics).

I'm scared lol.
The 6 courses they chose is program specific. Check the university sites to see exactly which courses they count. The ones that almost all programs count would be english and math. After their required courses have been counted, they add your next highest marks to get to 6. A couple 60's shouldn't that much of a problem, unless its the core subject for your program. If you have 4 80's and one 60, uni's know what kind of a student you are. Grade 11 marks are a good indicator of consistency. If you have good marks there too, a couple of slip-ups can be overlooked.

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