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01-30-2013, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by DousedInOil View Post
Not really much of a leap. Your perceived definition of what soft is clearly erroneous. Hemsky is not soft. He goes into the dirty areas and can battle with the best of them. You can't take a guy like Regher who made his living hitting people and compare him to Hemsky in terms of toughness. Just because he's a beast doesn't make Hemsky soft. I find it facetious that you would even mention logic.
Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension abilities before you start using your thesaurus to attempt to impress. At no point did I suggest he was soft - I said Oilers fans were providing rhetoric rather than examples as to why he wasn't soft... Perhaps they protesteth too much? I went on to say that when he was motivated he went into the tough areas but he often took nights off... That's a common complaint about Hemsky from many Oilers fans. I also never compared his "toughness" with Regher's, simply because they don't compare... I said he wept with joy because nobody played Hemsky harder than Regher, who clearly was hurt on many occasions by clean Regher checks.

At which point you decided to insult the city where I choose to reside and work and attempted to imply that I must only like a certain type of player because I'm from that area. A mark of someone with limited intelligence.

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