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01-30-2013, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonny Bohonos View Post
Who gives a **** how it sits with Burrows? Like I said the other day I dont get this idea that Burrows has some sort of god given right to the position.

If Burrows has hurt feelings too bad so sad.

Its nice to see the that Sedins are taking a leadership role and saying "heres what we think should happen."

I also imagine the Sedins have some sort of mentoring angle on this as well. Something that Kass will greatly benefit from.

Will Kass be the guy on the number #1 line for the whole season? Probably not. Will he go on to dominate the NHL from this moment on? Probably not at this point.
I imagine, as captains of our team, the Sedins would. The Sedins are not coaches, or management.

Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
The first link is the interview. Direct quote is "We talked in the summer about him trying to play with Daniel and Henrik and they had some interest in that". It doesn't say one way or another who initiated the conversation, probably cause it couldn't make less of a difference.

Off topic, but this second link is Pierre's speculation on Luongo from last week. Refreshing to hear the opinion of an insider not based in Toronto. Most honest interpretation of the situation I've heard throughout the process.
Thank you. While it doesn't matter in principle, I could see this being one of those "rumors" that gets blown out of proportion 6 months down the road. Just wanted to explicitly clarify there is no real evidence that the Sedins approached management and asked to play with Kassian. They asked if they could ask him to train with them (as many good leaders would do for a rookie).

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