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Originally Posted by XX View Post
It was a 50/50 call at the time. ASG didn't want Atlanta, and the Coyotes could move. He guessed right, and was deified for it.
Many of us that were reading the tea leaves at the time surmised that Atlanta might be a more likely candidate than the Coyotes - "the Coyotes if necessary, but not necessarily the Coyotes".

At the time, there was a very strong current within Winnipeg in the business and social networks that affirmed that Winnipeg would be receiving an NHL franchise. I noted it at the time on the BOH. These were businessmen and well-connected individuals who were talking about it as a fait-accompli.

At the time I also recall noting at the time that reading the language and demeanor of Bettman and Daly vis-a-vis Atlanta gave me the impression that they were preparing to have the franchise relocated. They made public statements suggesting that the franchise couldn't stay without fan support, and even suggested that the arena location was a chronic liability in Atlanta.

So, if you were at all plugged in, it wasn't rocket science to suggest that Winnipeg was likely to get an NHL team, or that Atlanta was a likely option for relocation. Even a dolt like me guessed it might well transpire that way.

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