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Originally Posted by XX View Post
You think QC is building an arena for ***** and giggles? They have a promise in pocket. Either the Coyotes, or an expansion team. That's how the NHL does business. Having 'concerned citizens' torpedo a nice arena isn't going to make the league jump for joy when discussing expanding Toronto. It just makes them leery, and likely puts Toronto 2 behind Seattle.
Qc needs an arena because their closes competitor for everything (hockey, shows, disney on ice...) is Centre Bell in Montreal (roughly 250 km away).

If you build an arena in Markham without a principal tenant, Leafs will keep getting all the shows, all the hockey and all the disney on ice and others.

Yesterday on a late radio show, Dany Dube (TVA sports i think) said that among elements that would make a 2nd team work in Toronto is the fact that the 2nd team could do a more families friendly approach. Leafs tickets are so expensive only rich families get to enjoy the hockey (most of the time). So the new team could build up with that fan base. Have prices more in line with league average to start with. Another point is, the list of people on Leafs list waiting for season tickets will NEVER EVER get to 0, NEVER. Some people spend at long as 10-15 years waiting to get a chance at season tickets. A 2nd team would make that list cut in half (maybe) but would not make it get down to 0, not even close. Same applies with enterprises who are willing to get some sponsorship and/or luxury boxes with Leafs, there is a waiting list for that aswell.

Finally, he said that some of the Leafs sponsors are strong enough to be able to have luxury boxes and sponsorship in two different teams/arenas without any problems.

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