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01-30-2013, 08:59 AM
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Im going to go against the grain here. FYI, die hard Oill fan since 1979,'

We, as Canadians need to embrace ALL of our athletes. From skiers, to marathon runners, to soccer players, to mother****ing volleyball players. Come on, people. Yes, I want to watch Oil change as much as the rest of you. I bleed copper and blue. I always have.

Nevertheless, we have to start a little diversification . As CANADIANS. Even if you think soccer, or vollyball or baseball or cricket is a **** sport, if there is a Canadian team there, boys, come on. Watch it. Like it or hate it, support Canada. It's not like they are skipping over a HOCKEY GAME. Its a hockey related program.

I have been living over seas for the past 5 years. There is no hockey where I am. I starve for hockey all the time. But, I can see every single day, where I am, that whatever sport the country is involved in, the country is INVOLVED. I go to my fiances house and they are glued to the TV because there is a national running...a MARTHON. And he is on 35th place. But the whole family is glued to the TV.

I taught a guy ENglish for a year or so, and when asked "what shport do you like to watch?" he said HANDBALL. WTF is handball?? I hung out with the guy, watched handball, learned a ton, and discovered because it was the national team playing, the WHOLE COUNTRY GAVE A ****.

In Canada, I find, we only care about things we are inherently good at (Hockey, curling, lacrosse, baseball sometimes), but in other countries, especially the OLD countries, they care and SUPPORT nationals in ANY sport they are in.

Im not ragging on Canadians. Im ragging on all the *****ing in this thread. I suppose I ought not to, since its HF Oil, but I am. Hockey is #1. Personal preference comes second.

There is no reason why the next Ronaldo cant be Canadian, and spark a Gretzky-like interest in the sport of soccer. Or bowling, or running, or frisbee, or cricket, or dog-breeding, or baseball, or anything.


ps: Where I live, I rely on DLing Oil change, since I cant watch it on the Oilers website. Any links or advice would be appreciated ! Im dying to watch it.

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