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Are you implying that you somehow have credibility? Are you trying to bring SI into this? Because it's pretty clear that you are making **** up. If this was anywhere near final, they would have notified the media yesterday. Sunnucks has been caught red handed before, so he is not someone you want to hide behind.
Well to be honest re: Sunnucks...we made the comment that if he cant be trusted one way...why would we trust him the other. He has been a source of misinformation before. Unless he is outright lying and putting his name to that, he claims to have at least 3 sources. 1 which claims Thursday is the day. That makes no sense unless GJ is truly stuck on some details like Sharks minority interests.

Like I said I never claimed to have shadowy sources. I am in contact however with certain people via twitter and facebook as well as personally who are more than optimistic. To actually give minute details would be very irresponsible of these people. Having said that, one of them misled me to believe a game announcement was coming Sat. at the Kings game. So grain of salt meet me.

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