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01-30-2013, 09:16 AM
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/\ Donít you think you should include his RFD experience this year as valuable and a big contributor to where his game is now?

In RFD he played top 6 minutes as well as on the PP, which as I said, is exactly what he needs to develop. The AHL is obviously not the NHL but it is a great learning ground for players and allows them to play way more quality minutes at a slightly slower speed. Many a player has been rushed into the NHL and has flopped. There are obvious exceptions but they are few and far between Ė very few can make the jump without some seasoning in the AHL. You seem to imply that a player who plays more than a handful of games at the AHL level is doomed to a minor league career. That simply isnít so. I think your entire viewpoint is based on you underrating the AHL league.

And letís not forget that many NHL players are still playing themselves into shape, as well, teamís systems are messed up and not at 100 percent. Some players (like Kruger) have a head start on those players that were not playing; the conditioning/timing gap will close quickly. This fact may deceive, and lull fans into believing individual players or teams are better (or worse) than actuality, and what they will be in a few weeks time or less. As the intensity increases time will tell just how much Kruger has progressed. Thereís no question that it does appear that his game has improved, and I think Q is finally playing him in the proper role, with Hawks, at this stage in his career. However, heís already getting pushed around as MM has pointed out and certainly his ability at the dot needs to get better.

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