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01-30-2013, 10:18 AM
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The discussion now is what to do with Ovi.

What I see - he still looks lost to me at LW. Not that RW was much better, but LW is played out. He is not even trying his old move. Maybe he needs to cherry pick to get a 1 on 1. He appears to be looking to pass, a lot, more than ever and cant be with grinders if that does not change. He is not getting enough touches on the PP. Oates is getting him out with Nick and Brouwer when he can but it appears to be confusing his game even more.

I would put him back with Nick. Since Nick came to life last night, that pair has a much better chance of generating a scoring chance. I would get him a better finisher or crasher on the opposite side. Ward.

I would put Ovi in the slot on the PP. Brouwer is getting more touches on the PP and OV is not used. Put Carlson or Kund in Ovi's spot. Green up top may need to be moved around.

Ovi's lack of hitting can be attributed to the league cracking down on him. Lose 5% of your salary and see if you keep bumping into people at work. I think his hitting was a major source of fans and teams energy and enthusiasm. He still knows to crush a one timer, at least.

I hope everyone can see why I thought RW was worth a try.

Ovi Nick Ward
WW Ribs Brouwer

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